How can we know what's absolute truth in today's world of candy-coated Christianity and watered-down theology?


The pure Word of God from The Holy Bible is our one and only source of truth.

We are living in a cesspool of political correctness.  Unfortunately most churches these days are preaching a very altered version of the original word of God.

This blog has been created to help remove some of the fluff-fog this type of religion has created.  It's a way to reveal a much purer and more apostolic Christianity.  It won't be politically correct because you can't have both, the truth and the fluff.  You must decide which is more important to you, to please man, or to please God.

Join me as we address endless topics, seeking to uncover what our Creator has to say about each of them.  We will be delving into everything from recorded historical facts, to controversial current events and explaining everything with easy to understand Bible truths.

Time to become empowered through the True Word of God!

Become empowered!

~ The Truth Mission

* My Bible references will be from the New King James Version (for ease of understanding) unless otherwise stated.  Whenever I’m not completely sure of what a verse means I will always refer to the original King James Version and all confusion instantly vanishes.  This is one of the greatest tricks to eliminating confusion when reading / studying the word of God.

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