Why should I believe the Bible? It is the indisputable word of God!

Why should I believe the Bible?

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”   ~2 Timothy 3:16-17 KJV

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”   ~2 Peter 1:20-21

Why should I believe the Bible? The previous verses tell us why. These two verses tell us without any other possible interpretation, that all of the Bible has been given by “inspiration of God” through holy men who were “moved by the Holy Spirit” to write precisely what they wrote. In other words, all of the words in the Bible have come directly from God through His Holy Spirit, therefore the entire Bible is the Word of God!

“To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”   ~Isaiah 8:20

If the church you attend does not preach this fact, that all of the Bible is totally inspired by God, I wouldn’t trust that church and would go to another. I’d find a church that teaches the Bible in its entirety, accepting that it is all the infallible Word of God.

The word infallible means “incapable of error.” If something is infallible, it is never wrong and is therefore absolutely 100% trustworthy and free from error. The Bible never fails.

According to Jesus, the Holy Bible is the truth. Jesus declared this fact when He said;

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”   ~John 14:6

Therefore Jesus, by His own declaration, is speaking words of truth.

He is the Word, He is the truth! 

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”   ~~John 1:1

The Word of God is reliable because God can not lie. 

”In hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began,”   ~Titus 1:2

The Word of God will protect you.

“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”   ~Psalm 91:4

The Word of God will last forever. 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”   ~Matthew 24:35

“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”   ~Isaiah 40:8

The Word of God is truth.

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.”   ~John 17:17

You can safely mold your life around the words of this book—the principles and precepts—the laws and commandments of the Holy Bible. The Word of God is the only safe way to live in this age of deception.

I don’t care how many times I read it, I learn something new every time. God’s Word is multi-faceted. It has levels of information. As you grow in knowledge, you will notice things that you never noticed before. As you become more spiritual and less carnal, you will become aware of the deeper meanings to every verse, the type/antitype that is revealed to the spiritual beholder.

It’s so exciting to notice these revelations as you read. The fact that the majority of verses and stories in the Bible have both a physical relevance in the time and place it was happening, a type (pointing forward/a foreshadow of the future) as well as an antitype (end time situation or event that has or is about to happen in the near future). Type/typology is pointing forward to the New Testament and antitype is pointing back to the Old Testament.

Type defined:

A type is a symbol appointed by God to represent something higher in the future, which is called the antitype.

Antitype defined:

One that is foreshadowed by or identified with an earlier symbol or type, such as a figure in the New Testament who has a counterpart in the Old Testament, a person or thing represented or foreshadowed by an earlier type or symbol.

God uses these examples to warn us, and to show us the results of many different sins. When we disobey even the smallest of His laws, there will always be a consequence. If we read the Bible with this knowledge we can begin to see these warnings hidden in just about every story.

So, the type is the past foreshadowing of a future event. A great example of these type/antitype events is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, (being the type), which is pointing forward to the worldwide destruction of every sinner on earth at Christ’s return, (the antitype). They were destroyed because every single thought they had was evil…exactly like the condition at His return!

I’d have to say the antitype (world destruction) is going to be a much bigger event than the type (the destruction of all the sinners in two earthly cities). Both events were and will be the result of man’s wickedness and the complete consumption of humanity with sin.

“Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.   ~Genesis 6:5

Another example is the story of Noahthe type/which was pointing forward to the worldwide destruction of every sinner on earth at Christs return/the antitype. Its not a coincidence that Jesussecond coming is another account of worldwide destruction. The account of Noah was a foreshadow of what is coming.

In Genesis, God destroyed everyone with a flood of water except for Noah, His family, and the animals aboard the ark. Then at Christ’s return, everyone except those who believe and obey God will be destroyed, but this time by fire. By fire and not by water because God had made a covenant with humanity that He would never again destroy the world with a flood.

“And I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.”   ~Genesis 9:15

God tells us in no uncertain terms that the earth will be destroyed again, but the next time will be by fire!

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.”   ~2 Peter 3:10

We have an opportunity to escape this fire flood. We can accept what He did at the cross as our ticket onto the ark, so to speak. Jesus is returning soon and we must be ready. We must read and study His Word so we can know the truth. We must accept His Word, not man’s rewrite. This is the only way we will be safely prepared to meet our Maker!

“But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.”   ~2 Peter 3:7  

Why was the Bible changed? 

One reason it was changed was to incorporate the beliefs of the Gentiles because the pagan beliefs were so far removed from what God had said. Those who made these changes knew the scriptures had to be altered in order to appease these foreigners.

Additionally, changes were made to appease human understanding. If the editors of the Bible couldn’t understand something or didn’t think it made sense, they would alter the words so it was logical to their human intellect. The problem with this attitude is that the mind of God is very far removed from that of humans. His infinite wisdom is not even remotely close to our limited thinking.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”   ~Isaiah 55:8-9

It’s been a very long process of altering God’s infallible holy Word—everything from changing the meaning of scripture through writing numerous altered versions, to deliberately removing whole verses from the Bible.

The “New International Version” or NIV version is by far one of the most distorted versions of the Bible in existence. Sixteen verses have been removed from this version, as well as numerous changes and alterations!

Google, Wikipedia, and even Bible Gateway are all pitched toward secular thinking. Bible Gateways is one of my favorite online Bible search platforms, and even they have the NIV (one of the most corrupted and altered versions) as their verse search default. 

There are more than 100 verses stating God's command not to change anything in the Bible—not to change one word—not to add or take away so much as a dot or even the smallest punctuation mark.

“For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.”   ~Matthew 5:18

Jot or a tittle is a phrase that means a tiny amount, a particle, the smallest part. In Greek, the word jot is translated as iota, and not one iota is used to refer to something with not even the smallest change. The expression “dotting the Is and crossing the Ts” is equivalent to the degree of literal changes this verse is referring to.

Many say that translating from one language to another is one reason for most of these changes. If this were true, that would mean God didn’t have the foresight to realize this would happen. Of course, this isn’t the case. He knew exactly how and when it would be translated. He’s never surprised, He always knows how everything will turn out.

“Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure.”   ~Isaiah 46:10

God means what He says. He has repeatedly warned man not to change so much as a comma or a period. He is telling us in no uncertain terms that no one should tamper with the text of His sacred scroll in any way. He doesn't want a scribe or copyist, a would-be deceiver or a well-intentioned but misguided believer, no translator or interpreter, no one anywhere, for any reason to make any changes in the way it reads. The Bible is the literal infallible Word of God! 

“How can you say, we are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us? Look, the false pen of the scribe certainly works falsehood. The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken. Behold, they have rejected the word of the Lord; so what wisdom do they have?”   ~~Jeremiah 8:8-9

God warns us as to the end result of this tampering with His word. He tells us in no uncertain terms exactly what will happen to those that have made even the smallest change to His Holy Book. Revelation 22:18 & 19 is an extremely stern warning about changing any of the infallible Word of God.

The consequences will be beyond anything anyone could ever imagine.

Bible Warning

“For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”   ~Revelation 22:18-19

Why would God be so harsh regarding our obedience to His Word, and why would this extreme consequence be the result of adding to or taking away the smallest part of His prophetic words? Because the smallest changing of God’s word alters the way people understand it. By changing just one word, the verse can then have an entirely different meaning. The confusion that these alterations create is often irreversible. This is why He repeatedly warns us to beware!

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”   ~Colossians 2:8

“Because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience.”   ~Colossians 3:6

God’s word is an accurate and precise book. If it is changed or even studied wrong it can be made to say something that isn’t true. God specifically tells us to read and study His word “line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little and there a little”.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.”   ~Isaiah 28:10

We must always read the Bible in context. If we get confused when reading a verse, we need to go back one verse. If we're still unsure as the the meaning, read forward one verse from the place of your confusion. Continue in this fashion going backward and then forward until you understand the context that God is referring to.

The ONLY way one could make a wrong assumption when reading the Bible is if they were to take a portion of a verse out of context. By doing this it twists the Word of God to imply something that it doesn’t actually mean. God warns us numerous times about doing this.

Here a little and there a little refers to the fact that many of the prophecies are explained somewhere else in the Bible. The book of Revelation is a great case in point to this. The book of Daniel holds the interpretations of much of the book of Revelation and vice versa. Interestingly, Daniel is in the Old Testament and Revelation is in the New Testament. This insight into understanding by reading here a little and there a little is brought to the forefront when God told Daniel . . .

“But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”   ~Daniel 12:4

God knew that the Old Testament (which was written before Jesus came to earth), would be followed by the New Testament which was written after Christ’s death.

What Bible version is best?

I strongly recommend the King James Version. This is the purest version still available. Personally, I prefer a cross-reference version. The Bible I use is a KJVER, King James Version Easy Read; red letter, cross reference, special margin edition.

The reason all of this is so important is that I need all the help I can get in understanding exactly what is meant by every word in every verse.

The red letter version shows every word Jesus spoke in the Bible, both New as well as Old Testament. Then there is the cross-referencing, this is probably one of the most important features your Bible can have. It is the redirection to another verse or multiple verses that repeat the same thing in a different way, and in many different locations throughout the Bible. Lastly are the margin notes. This feature gives additional information—Greek and Hebrew root-word meanings—times and location references, as well as additional details that enhance understanding.

For ease of understanding, I use the NKJV, New King James Version. This is what I use for most quoted verses in the Truth Mission posts unless otherwise specified.

We must always refer back to the King James Version whenever there is the slightest confusion, and I guarantee all misconception and bewilderment will vanish. The reason for this is that even the NKJV has changes and alterations in it. These changes nearly always create confusion. The reason for this is that the Word of God—His holy infallible words are without flaw—they are in a specific order, sentences formed in a certain way to not only clearly express His thoughts but to help prevent any misunderstanding.

“Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.”   ~Deuteronomy 12:32

Why should I believe the Bible? It is the indisputable word of God!

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”   ~Matthew 24:35

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