Faith moves mountains!

What is blind faith?

“Then He touched their eyes, saying, according to your faith let it be to you.”   ~Matthew 9:29

Did you catch that? According to your faith! God is telling us that we are actually bringing a very important ingredient to the miracle recipe . . . our faith.

One of my greatest challenges is to surrender control, to lay down my delusion that I have control over anything in this life. However, this verse proves that we really do have control over something after all . . . our faith. We are given (through our free will endowment from God) the power to choose. This goes even as far as to the degree of faith we choose to possess.

Now, really think about this for a bit. If faith is the thing that allows us to receive God’s blessings, and how much faith we have is all up to us, wouldn’t we want faith like a mountain!

If I get to ultimately choose how much peace, healing, forgiveness, prosperity, wisdom, understanding, and miracles, I can have, and it’s all in accordance with how much faith I have, I absolutely want a mountain of faith! I want my faith to grow and flourish because everything else seems to be hinged on this one thing . . . faith!

”For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into ~ waters|many waters|the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”   ~Mark 11:23

Faith moves mountains!

I want to be the one that moves that mountain—the one that reaches all the potential that God has given me! If through surrendering my will, by faith in God’s power, will then allow me to be at peace no matter what’s happening, I’ll do it!

I’m finally to the point in my life that I’m willing to surrender my will . . . for His will. God guarantees that His plan is much, much better than anything I could ever come up with on my own, and to that, I will gratefully concede. I’ll give up my useless plan, (that inevitably crashes and burns) for His perfect plan, (that is guaranteed to achieve His perfect will).

Just think about this one fact, if we get to control how much God can do in our lives simply through the power of faith, wouldn't we want to go all in? If how much of God’s power can be endowed to us by way of our self-willed faith shouldn't we be continually praying for more faith?

Of course, we should, that’s the only way our faith will ever grow. However, be prepared when you pray for more faith because every time I do this I find myself in some sort of upsetting situation—upheaval in some major area of my life—my job, my health, my housing, or that of a loved one. So I’ve finally concluded this one thing, that God uses these situations to grow our faith. But with faith, He can, and will renew whatever He’s allowed to diminish. He won’t just renew it, He will increase it to even better than it was.

Money goes and money comes, jobs go and new jobs arrive, health falters and healing ensues. Whenever I become willing to faith it, everything gets better than it was. We just need to grab hold of every drop of faith we have deep inside and pray with all our might. Bottom line, you just need to faith it and speak to your mountain, take it to the Lord . . . then, and only then, will things change.

Speak to your mountain.

Faith, through heartfelt prayer, is our part in engaging God’s power. We allow His miracles into our reality when we truly believe He will take care of our needs. Here’s the only catch . . . no fear!

We can’t allow Satan to rob us of our miracles by holding us up with his fear-filled thoughts.

As soon as we feel the fear coming on—those what-if scenarios—we must run to Jesus and pray, pray, pray! We must go boldly to the Lord’s throne with confidence, and hold God to His word. This is the very definition of blind faith!

Blind faith is believing—even though we can not see, even though there isn't any evidence that things will work out, even when it goes against everything we know to be true—God can, and will still make it happen.

After all, physics didn't prevent Jesus from walking on water! Blind faith is acting, not just talking. We must put our faith into action. Peter acted on his blind faith as he jumped out of the boat when he saw Jesus walking toward him. He had faith as he walked on the water until the wind scared him, then he began to sink.

If we could just keep our eyes on Jesus, rather than looking away the very moment Satan blows a fearful wind at us, we too could walk on water! This is my greatest challenge . . . not to be distracted every time the wind blows—when something happens that I wasn't anticipating or something doesn't happen that I was counting on. This is precisely when I freak out and I begin to sink!

Blind faith takes practice, it takes prayer and it takes desire. I truly want a deeper, stronger faith. I want to get to the point where I can rest in His word no matter what’s happening around me—I can still know with all confidence that He has me and He will never let me go.

Blind faith is believing without seeing. Trusting He is there even though we can’t physically see Him, knowing He will always take care of us even though we are blind to His continuous presence.

“Jesus said to him, Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”   ~John 20:29

Now that we’ve learned how to see what isn’t visible? Can we ever learn how to really pray from the heart?

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